30 April 2009

What choices do I make to look at my feelings in the growing summer rain

I've been tasked with my first real leadership position in my current company. I'm a bit struggling with that, since it is new for me and I'm involved with about four to five different projects at the moment.
What made my job easier , and what actually prepared me for that, was the following:
1. My experience as an Insurance Adjuster
2. My occasionally blossoming social life and non verbal recognition of human emotions( it is surprising what people will tell you with their body language)
3. Technical books like "The mythical man month" and "Rapid Development"
4. My project manager, who is also a great teacher
5. Regular stand ups
6. Task management (help you Manager Tools)
8. Learning to ask the right questions (What problems do you have? When are you going to be done?) Surprisingly effective.
9. Delegation, you can't delegate enough! (again, thank you Manager Tools).