25 July 2008

Fun at work

It's not all hard work in my life. There is also fun at play. At work, I mean. I have plenty of fun at home with my family . My son , Sven, just started walking and I'm so happy watching him stumble with his first steps. He is so cute. But I digress, my family is not the theme of this post.
My work is.
See, when someone here celebrates a birthday is customary to throw a small party in the office. And since I work in a company that has more then three hundred people is party all the time (well at least once a month, because not all people actually celebrate their birthday or want to throw a party at work- but most do). Since my PM is often away, his desk is empty so people use it as a place to host the food and kick start the party.
This is quite nice, because my appetite is insaciable and having scores of food behind me really is handy when working. Plus is free, which is an even greater bonus.
I've posted a picture of the last party( which was , emm, today not one hour ago.. plenty of food left behind me). The picture shows the desk behind mine littered with cookies and juices:

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