21 October 2008

Incompetent people piss me off

I'm so pissed when someone in the team does not do their job. I'm so angry. And what angers me most is when I have no power what so ever to compel them to do so. I can say something. I can remind that someone about what they must do, and I can even share the work weight with them which is the stupidest thing for me to do, since I'm not paid to work for two people. I'm not paid to do any of those things either. But I do them non the less.
I'm so pissed off.
I want the project to succeed. I want to advance in my career. I depend on my team mates doing their job so we can all succeed. Software development is not a single player activity. It takes several people to finish an average project. It doesn't take one, it takes several. But what if some of them do not want to do their job. What if some want to sit in their chair, do nothing except reading funny papers on the internet and saying: I don't know anything, I don't know how to do that bla ... bla... bla...
Move your ass, god dammit. You retarded morons. Why did you even applied for this job if you didn't want to work and commit your self? Why! There are plenty of government founded jobs for those type of people. Leave room for someone who wants to work.

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