03 November 2008

Learning the devils way : killing the interest first

I grow tired of the endless stream of SQL going into my head on daily bases. It all looks the same, but with subtle differences. I'm just no so interested to learn what different flavors of create table exist out there. But I must. But I so needed to advance my self career wise.
So I soldier on. Learning T-SQL every day, one hour a day. My personal learning time. And during my project time I'm learning PL/SQL. Of course my project time doesn't allow me much time to learn all that I need about the damned Oracle SQL dialect, so I learn during my break, during my free time at home in the evenings experimenting on the Oracle 10g EX database I've installed on my Ubuntu machine for just that purpose.
But it tires me so. I would rather learn Jquery or Dojo, or read some new PHP book (like PHP in Action from Manning), or continue my studies of Django or learn a new cool language like Erlang or OCaml. But not. I'm stuck with T-SQL and PL/SQL. It is my choice. One that I had to make.

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