01 July 2009

Overworking it, a bit

Its five past five in the morning. I'm literally sleepless. The amount of work I've been doing recently is crazy. I've been at work for twelve to fifteen hours a day, plus we had two all nighters (twenty three hours of software development in a stretch). And, of course I've had the added bonus of leading a team or two during that time, so it added up on my burn out status.

I'm a wreck.

I rose early because I'm going on a business trip to Zagreb for a meeting with a client, and then to Ljubljana for another meeting with a colleague. Wow! What a trill.

I'm so wasted.

The tiredness is not a problem. I'm coping very good thank you. It's my learning that the problem. I really neglected my studies for the past month. Yesterday I finally finished "Pro WF" after six months of reading. Stupid. Once I read a development book in two weeks.

I must pick my pace or I will be crushed by younger, more time free forces.

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