10 September 2009

Another day sprint

I'm concluding another day and a half development sprint. I started yesterday at five a.m. with a trip to Zagreb which lasted till six p.m. , filled with back to back blood grinding meetings. I've returned to Labin at eleven p.m. and started working on a deadline pressed project with three other developer. We've succesfully deployed the newest application version fifteen minutes ago. Another hour, and I'm crashing and burning into the nearest bed.

What lessons I've learned:

  1. Writing at least functional, or just smoke, tests solves much development problems

  2. Task development is half of well done feature

  3. Regular standup meetings for tracking progresss and quick reactions to changes in the project situation

  4. Wokrin in a virtual enviroment saves time and money, and increases the speed a new developer can join an undergoing project

  5. Power naps help a lot

What is the motivation for doing a day and a half development sprint? For me is the challenge and the opportunity to be a hero, to save the day. To complete something hard and critical, which not many people can do. For others, I don't know exactly, but I recon is the same as me. I feel downright special right now.

Well I am special. so are my colleagues, we are a special team which completed something special. Nobody can take that away from us.

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