13 September 2010

Lets ignore them, will ya!

Once upon a time, on a project far away a young group of engineers dutifully wrote unit tests for almost everything on the project. The project also had some really tricky integration points with other systems. And those integration points were faulty, and those tests broke. So out team of heroes dutifully applied the Ignore tag to those tests covering those integration points which were faulty until they were fixed by their respective teams.
And so the gates of Ignorance were opened, and upon the project a beast was unleashed and its name was laziness since every set of tests which was difficult to fix or it required a fair amount of time to fix the defects it exposed was dutifully sent to the forges of Ignorance by the Ignore attribute.
A man arose from the ranks. He thought him self a leader, a thinker and said no more in his head. Nobody heard him, yet, for he was wise in marking his words right and waiting for the right moment to utter those life changing words.
And so we waited, to see what will become of the project and the stalwart team of young engineers doing their best to test what was easy, and to forget what was hard.

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