19 October 2011

Chicken and Pigs, a chicken perspective

I was reading the Scrum guide earlier today and I've read the "Chicken and pig" story. I wasn't a new story for me since I've read it a few years earlier when I first encountered Scrum (I'm just refreshing my memory). For a long time since that first reading I tought and talked about as envisioning my self in the role of the Pig, as someone who is commented to the project and how I should not allow chickens to dictate the way the project is developed (to some degree, even chickens have their powers to make things happen). But what if I'm the chicken on some project? How should I behave?
I think respect is the most important thing. When I'm a chicken I should respect the Pigs work and try to help them in the way they will let me without causing problems for them now or down the road. It is easy for chickens to say things, but is hard pigs to live with them.

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