01 September 2012

Kids and drug education


I’m currently listening to the Trainspotting sound track on Grooveshark.com and it got me thinking. Trainspotting was a great movie for my generation and for its time, but the book which I read after I watched the movie was event better, more deeper and more powerful. It showed the drug problem of the UK in a real vivid and documentary style which at moments shocked me.

It is a real good book to kick the drug idea from someone head. That idea kick started another idea. Which books should I give my son to read when he enters his teens which are related to the drug problem? One book which came to my mind was the book titled “Zoo Station: The story of Christiane F.” which I read when I was an upper grader in the elementary school which was really shocking and popular with the kids at that time. The story revolves around a young girl and her life as a teen drug addict and prostitute in Berlin. There is also a film by around the same topic Christiane F. – We Children from Bahnhof Zoo which I didn’t see.

I think the drugs problem is a real big problem parents need to face with their children and it really scares me to think that my son might come in contact with this side of reality.

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