27 October 2012

The business model canvas

Recently I just started attending an on-line class organized by the Stanford university on the topic of Technology Entrepreneurship. The class is great. I watched a few cool lectures, done a couple of assigments, connected with a few people in a team.

The latest assigment was the most coolest of all. In the previous assigment we had to write good and bad business models. In the latest assigment we had to pick a good business model and turn it in a selling one with a commercial.

We picked the "Anti-laziness" drug business model which in short advocates the sale of an anti-laziness drug.

Here its the original business model:


I've written this short textual add:

Are tired of failing? Not passing that critical test, achievement that all important goal at work. Of people telling you are that awful, not true word.
Don't worry. Millions of people around the globe share the same problem with you. It is not just you.
You need just a little help to make that last critical step, to push harder and that help is our trademark product.
The „Help me up“ pill which boosts your energy, your will to succeed and helps you squeeze that last ounce of potential you needed to succeed at what you started.

And my fellow team mate Rahal Aboulfeth from Marocco created this wonderfull commercial video from it:

The Help me up pill by rahal.aboulfeth on GoAnimate

Animation Software - Powered by GoAnimate.

Which is bloody brilliant. I just fell of my couch when I sawit. Bloody good job Rahal.

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