10 November 2012

The developers song

The developers song by Nikola Stjelja on GoAnimate

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As I wait for my one hundred twenty projects long solution to load I pray the Lord for my soul to keep.

As I dream of complex code, loops, functions and classes, patterns and database I reach for Hermes the god Alchemist and inventors in my hour of need.

I no longer can reach the dream of perfect machinery

I no longer can feel the systems beat

It is one long chain of stack overflow, exceptions and performance pits

No tests to speak of, not builds to rely on

Just one long, long evening of darkness and despair of enterprise code ready to be released

It is time for me to step down, to reach my bottommost level and open my snail farm on a far away island

Is it is not that the future that awaits us all?

Hermes doesn't respond

My soul is mine to keep

The solution is loaded , all one hundred and twenty projects long

The code is green and blue and yellow and red

I start pounding my keyboard

I start building my code

It takes a moment for the grid to pop up

For the exception to raise I fix the problem

Release my code I go home happy, ready for tomorrow to do it all again.

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