09 July 2009

14th SQL/DEV User Group Meeting in Rijeka

I'm thirty minutes away from a trip the fourteenth SQL/DEV User Group in Rijeka. This time its a corporate spornsored trip. Five other colleagues are going with me. We managed to gather up a big van with air conditioning and, event , a corporate sponsored meal. Nice.

The SQL/DEV user group meeting will be organized in the Nautical University of Rijeka and will be composed of two lectures :

  • ASP.NET MVC development practices

  • RubyOnRails, Ruby and IronRuby for .NET developers

And of course, after the presentations a gathering will be organized with drinks and snacks with all the attendees which will be an opportunity to meet new people and learn or discuss about interesting ideas and technologies.
I really think these type meetups are important for a developers advancement, since you can learn and hear about development use cases which would normally be hidden from you.
I started thinking about organizing a presentation for the next OpenCoffe meeting. Something short, maybe half and hour long, and interesting. Practical, maybe event daring in the specific way I conduct all my presentations ;)
I haven't decided anything yet. I was wondering to do something on the following themes:

  • Web UI testing and automation

  • Web portal development process

  • Drupal theme development

  • PHP Unit testing

  • Building an MVC framework in PHP.

  • Workflow Foundation

  • ASP.NET Data binding controls

Don't know. More that I think about it I realize that I know squat. Maybe I should just cover and listen to wiser heads talking.

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