10 July 2009

14th SQL/DEV User Group Meeting in Rijeka Review

I must say it was an interesting trip. Me and my team went to Rijeka yesterday to attend the 14th local SQL/DEV User Group Meeting. We took a company van and proceeded along the eastern Istrian coast to Rijeka. It took us two hours due to extensive working on the repair of the road and hordes of tourists enjoining the scenery.
We arrived an hour latter than planned.
The meeting was held at the "Naval University" of Rijeka. There were around fifteen to twenty people mostly from three to four companies including our own.
The entire event had some good and bad sides. I'll categorize them .

The Good

Interesting and friendly crowd. We all were welcomed there warmly, and the fact that we were the new faces there made no difference. The MVC talk was interesting, rich with data and the speaker was well informed and mostly good. I met Aleksandar Zgonjan of Pro3x there. After the presentation we all moved to a bar near the train station and had a drink there. I met several persons there including Jasmin Ćelić the president of the local programmers guild. We discussed the possibility of met organizing a presentation there.

The Bad

The technical equipment did't work. The projector malfunctioned or it didn't work with windows. I don't know. We started the presentation one hour late when Hrvoje Hudoletnjak brought a new one from work. Because of the that the IronRuby and Ruby on Rails presentation was not held , which was a shame for me because I was interested in it.


All in all it was a good day. Rijeka is a fantastic city, full of life and history. The most fascinating thing was the torpedo exposed in the courtyard of the university. A historical note : the first torpedo was developed in 1905 here in Rijeka in the factory "Torpedo". I touched the damned machine , examined it head to to toe and event fearfully knokced on its point a few times.

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