24 August 2009

Back to work

'm nervous, really nervous. For the last two weeks I was at home, resting and relaxing on my hard earned holiday. These were the first totally relaxed two weeks of holiday in , I think, more then five years. And now, today, I'm going back to work. And I'm so nervous. Really.

For the past two weeks I haven't studied anything related to the field of Software Engineering. Instead I spent my time with my son Sven and my wife Tijana, I read fantasy novels (Steven Erikson “The Bonehunters”) and prepared a 4E D&D quest for my wife and our two friends. In short I was a lazy bug in all. Now is time to go to work and enter the grinding machine of stress, constant learning, long hours and impossible deadlines (no deadline is impossible, it is just impossible what you want to do in that time span with the resources you have).

How do I cope with this emotion? Well I woke early, I restarted my morning pilates exercises, opened a DNR TV video for Windows Workflow Foundation. During lunch break I will read “Software Engineering” 8th edition, and will begin a new practicing advanced ASP.NET 3.5 in hopes of one day continue with WCF, WPF and F#.

Will I succeed? Will I be my old self and continue my work as usual? Or will I fall victim to laziness and the eternal question: Which is best, fighter or wizard?

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