11 August 2009

Second Opencoffe Istra meeting

The second Istrian Open Coffee meeting will be held on Saturday 15th at 18:00 hours at the “Cvajner” caffe on the ancient roman square of Pula, on the tip and shorelines of Istra, the greatest peninsula of world. Come and join your fellow developers with excellent coffee, free Internet wireless connection and exhilarating talk about everything web development, web design, business and marketing on the web. Everything goes, as long is remotely related to the web.

To find out more please join the Opencoffee Istra group. There is no shortage of people willing to help a fellow web enthusiast.

A special call is made to all web designers or front end engineers out there. On the last meeting the tip of the scale went to the developer, business side of things. The present web designers felt a bit alone with their tags, photoshops and animated gifs (or should I say flashy thingis). If you are a web front-end enthusiast your are more then welcome on out next gathering.

Do not forget, the next meeting will be held on the 15th of August, at the “Cvajner” caffee in Pula on the ancient roman forum .

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