22 January 2010

Events, events, events

Well, its conference time in Croatia this time of year. First , there was the second Web User Group meeting a Microsoft Croatia which I attended with two of my colleagues . You can watch the live stream here . It was the first WebUG meeting I attended and I was dazzled by the quality of organization , the presentation and the amount of benefits I got just by attending there (lower cost for attending several local conferences and of course the lower early entry cost for the Developer Bootcamp).
The presentation which I attended was titled “User experience on the web” by Vibor Cipan of FatDUX. The presentation was interesting, educational and all in all a good experience for me.
The pizza afterwards was great too.
There are two events I plan, wish to attend to. The first is the IT Show off conference which will be held on the 12th of February this year in Zagreb which is a free one day developer conference and the second is the above mentioned Developers Bootcamp.
I will held two presentations next week. The first will be held on Friday 29th of January at the Osijek Faculty of Electrical Engineering where I will present the company I work at Novatec New Technologies and our software engineering process. Attendance is of course free.
The second will be held on Tuesday 26th of January in the Tavern Idila in Rakovac near Baderna. I will be the second presenter. The first will be Viktor Ezgeta with “Windows XP mod of Windows 7”. I will present my usual introduction to unit –testing presentation. It will cover the basic unit-testing theory and practice by showing how to use NUnit for unit-testing .NET applications.
For the grand finale, I’m announcing my to WinDays 2010 presentation proposals:

  • F# : an introduction and,

  • Domain – driven design in .NET with Visual Studio 2010 modeling projects.

I hope one of the two is taken.

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