12 April 2010

5th WebUG meeting report

On the 8th of April 2010 I held a talk on the topic of "Software Engineering" at the 5th Web user group meeting which was a SQL/DEV user group meeting (since Windays 2010 are coming soon). The talk was held in the Microsoft offices on the top of business building in Zagreb in the Dante conference room.
The presentation went well. I was really nervous beforehand. I thought that there is for sure someone in the audience who will spot an error and point it out. Well no one did , or if he did he didn't point it out loud.
There were some technical difficulties at the beginning. The network was hard to get and the camera crew didn't come so the talk wasn't recorded. Bummer.
Everything else went just fine. The talk was well received by the audience, people came to me afterwards to congratulate me or to talk about some finer point in private.
The hosts were gracious enough to accommodate my special dietary habits so they ordered a vegetarian lasagna for me during the networking part of the event. Everybody else got "Ĩevape" which went away pretty fast.
All in all it was a nice event. I meet some good people and I hope to have a chance to present again on a future WebUG meeting.
Here are some photos taken from the talk:

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