01 September 2010

Oh, my learning muse

I didn't write in four months now. It didn't seem to matter, nothing did which was related to my work. What happened to me?
Well, I've been pushing my self for the last three years very hard. Learning, working and applying my self in order to grow, learn and advance as a software engineer. And then I crashed, emotionally and physically. I become cranky , tired and frustrated.
I started then working from home, so I didn't have to drive for two hours a day on really low grade roads. I saw more of my family, and I was more rested.
One thing led to another, I started to shift my priorities to my son and wife. I started spending more time with them, going out to play by the sea, watching movies reading books, going out. Just living my life.
What was not right, was the nagging feeling that something was not right. A sick rotten feeling that I was leaving out something vital and important to me. My learning and education. My personal growth as a professional.
It got to the point that I felt my brain rot from not use. And I didn't like it. So I started learning again, "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture" by Martin Fowler, and "WPF Unleashed 4" by Adam Nathan. The former as my regular reading and the latter as my computer time in the evening and weekends reading.
I feel more right now. I guess. I don't spend as much time at the computer cranking code and learning new stuff as I would like.
Every time I can sit at my machine and learn , it seems it is ten in the evening and I'm to tired, my head hurts and I just want to unwind. It is really hard to keep up.

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