14 December 2011

Coding Dojo Pula "Agile Architecture" Retrospective

This was the first time I held the same talk consecutively in two different group. Today I held the "Agile Architecture" talk on the monthly Coding Dojo Pula meetup. There was really quite a crowd, eight ten people, all professionals who started asking questions and discussing topics from the start.
I really like when there is an active discussion during a presentation.
From this presentation and the one before I've learned some lessons which I think are worth noting:

  • Stories and concrete examples are worth more then bullet points
  • Break things into multiple slides with real world examples for each slide
  • Be funny and open, use allegories
A couple of slides which I think are the most fun and illustrate the point:

The only thing I'm sad that no one from the local university deigned to show. Either the talk was to complex or people didn't bother. Really a shame, since we put a lot of effort into marketing the thing.

Probably need to schedule somewhere a more basic, begginer level talk.

EDIT 16.12.2011
Andrej Pintar sent a few of his photos he made at the talk. I'm adding them here to show the mood of the place which really great. On the first photo, on the left me is my colleague from Novatec Dejan Dragaš.

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